Wednesday, February 15, 2023

 This morning Faith sent me a link on youtube to the song,  “The Old Rugged Cross”. She knows it is one of my favorite hymns.  It was a woman singing and she did a great job, but in my opinion it sounds incredible when sung by someone with a deeper voice. I knew Alan Jackson sings it. I listened to it again on Spotify. Gets me choked up almost every time. But that is not what i want to say, after that song played it went through some other songs and then a song played that i have heard before, but for some reason this time the song hit home with how God has plans and sometimes they don’t make sense but God knows. Especially when losing someone- a brother(or sister), son(or daughter), a friend or a parent/s- God knows. We can rely on God’s grace through these tough times. And we can even thank him.