Monday, December 3, 2012

We had a wonderful fall party with our friends and the kids. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with all the missionaries on our team. And then wouldn't you know it Christmas is just around the corner. We cannot believe this year as flown by so fast, but we praise the Lord for His faithfulness, His blessings, and everything He has taught us during this year.
In the last couple weeks we had a girls Bible study sleep over. It was a great time of fellowship with the girls. Eleven girls from the Bible study were able to come and stay the whole night. We filled the house with laughter, noise, fun and eating. After studying the Bible we spent the rest of the night getting to know one another through games, watching movies, and just hanging out. I was thrilled to have all the girls here. In the coming weeks, Chris will be very busy taking pictures for the kids and workers at the space ( a place for gypsy kids to come after school to take showers, have a nice meal, and get help with their homework, most importantly it is filled with people who love them and share the gospel with them on a regular basis). Chris has been able to be a part of this on a regular basis since the summer. He enjoys the kids so much, and is grateful for the opportunity to be able to share Christ's love with them. As Christmas approaches we will also be getting ready for Christmas parties for the Bible studies we teach, giving out of Christmas baskets to the impoverished families around us full of Bibles, gospel tracts, food, clothing, and something little for each of the kids. We are in continual prayer for the finances for each of these baskets and the families who will be receiving them.
We thank you all for everything you do in the Lord. We praise the Lord for you daily and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and a Very Merry Christmas.

Prayer Requests and Needs:

Tires for the van. ( A law in Romanian requires us to have winter tires for our van, $450)

A new couch to replace the broken one (any where between $300-$600)

Praise we were able to get all our kids jackets, hats, mittens, and boots for the winter.

Salvation for those in Chris' Bible study.

For the girls in the Bible study to grow in godly character and to be a light for Jesus in their schools and homes. Salvation for those who have yet to come to know Christ personally.

Safe travels for Jennifer (Chris' sister), and her two friends who will be coming to spend Christmas with us, and arrive in just two weeks, from Kazakstan

Monday, October 22, 2012

What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?

Jesus gives a very simple answer to the question, "What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?".
"This is the work of God that you believe in Him whom He sent."

We are to believe and accept Him whom God sent, and He is Jesus Christ. It is our work as Christians to make Him known so that others may believe in Him. This si our work here in Romania.
This is not just for missionaries, pastors, church staff, sunday school teachers; but for each and every person that has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As we are living our lives we are to be a living teastamony, an example for others to see and want to know Him. I pray that I will be this example.

Faith and a few friends are on thier way to teach english to up to twenty children in a village that has few if no Christians. Each Monday Faith and a friend take this trip to be a living example of Jesus.
During the past summer we were able to share Jesus with the children of this village through the relationships that were built. It is our prayer that through building these relationships we will be able to share Jesus even more that all these children and thier families will accept and follow Jesus.

There is a team of young adults here from the Bible school in Hungary helping minister to not only our church body, but to the different outreaches here in and around bistrita. Pray for the team as they minister and help. Pray for health and strength.

Mihai has started going to gymnstics and loves it. He is working very hard and loves to practice at home.
He is sick with a bad cold and had a fever. Pray that he covers quickly so that he can return to kindergarten and gymnastics.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Although the weather here has been warm, fall is fast approaching. School supplies and uniforms have been purchased and the kids have already completed the first full week of school and beginning the second. Where did the summer go?
picnic in Pintic





We had a wonderful time this summer in the village of Pintic, where over 30 children were able to hear about our Savior and Lord Jesus, most of them for the very first time through VBS to picnics in the hills.

New Beginnings kids camp this summer was up in the mountains at a cabin squeezed between two cliffs. If you ask the kids what was the best part of camp- the swimming pool was the very first answer.

Please pray for Faith and Amanda as they will once again be teaching English once a week at the school in Pintic. Faith will also be doing a weekly Bible study with the girls from New Beginnings and from the village, Slatinita.

Chris will be teaching a Bible study for adults in our community, teaching Sunday school, and continuing to volunteer with New Beginnings.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello from Romania! As September fast approaches and the cold weather blasts in- yes, blasts in- please be in prayer for all the kids, our own children and the New Beginnings Children.

The kids will be starting school soon, and Levi will be changing schools, please pray that he will adjust well to a new teacher and all new students in his class. Also pray that he would learn to be more diligent and learn how to serve the Lord and bring honor to Him even in his school work.

The paper work for our residency will begin next month, please pray for the Lord to open all doors, for everything to be approved, and for the finances needed to pay for all the paper work. 

Praise that the kids have been healthy most of the summer, and Jatham our youngest is now 4 months old and doing very well.

Faith's body did not heal completely like it should and she will need to have some abdominal surgery, we are asking the Lord for complete healing for her body so that she will not have to surgery.
Also pray as we are seeking the Lord's wisdom and guidance in many areas concerning ministry.

The school in Sibiu that Chris attended was a huge blessing and help for Chris as he continues to become more fluent in the Romanian language. Thank you for all your prayers and support to help him attend this class. Continue to be in prayer as we learn Romanian. 

Pray for the Bible study that Chris is leading. Many of the those attending have many questions about the Bible. Pray that through this Bible study those that have not been born again would be changed and be born again. Pray for wisdom as Chris leads and answers questions.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

picnic in pintic

Here are some pictures from our last trip to pintic. We took about 150 barbacued mici for the kids and bread. It was a treat!! The kids loved the time we spent with them.

hanging around after eating

showing off

lift me up!!


so cute!!

I am strong!!


living water

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

That they may know from the rising of the sun to its setting that there is none besides Me. I am the Lord, and there is no other; Isaiah 45:6

Dear Friends and Family,
We wanted to first thank each and every one of you for all of your prayers and support of the ministry here in Romania. We have been very busy this summer but having a great time. A team from Hungary came and did VBS with our kids, the family center kids, and the neighborhood kids. They also took some time to come with us to the village of Pintic and do a VBS with the children there. The kids in Pintic have now heard the gospel and they desire to know more about the Lord and His saving power. We have been going weekly to Pintic and in doing so bumped into the Orthodox priest who created some problems for us in the past, he seemed excited about what we were doing and had no problem with us being there working with the gypsy kids. This is a huge praise. Each week we go we have been able to do a Bible study with the children, teach them worship songs, and play with them. We have had some guys that live in Spain come here for the summer to help us, and Amanda, who I go with during the school year to teach English. 
Chris helped at the kids camp this summer and Levi was able to go with him as he was now old enough to attend. After returning from there Chris took off to language school. He has now returned, and after 2 weeks of intense Romanian he is tired, but feels a lot more confident in the language. Chris will be starting up a Bible study this week, doing a study of the Gospel of John. The people attending the Bible study are from the Bistrita area, but most of them are not Born again Christians. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to speak through Chris and that these young men would be Saved. 

We will continue to go to Pintic as a family and with our friends working with the children there for the rest of the summer, and also Amanda and I will be working with the girls in Slatinita. The Bible study Chris will be teaching will be meeting once a week on Thursday evenings. Please pray for all of these ministries to be led by the Holy Spirit and for salvation for the people we minister too.

Prayer request and needs
Prayer for our finances as our support has been very low the last couple of months.
Prayer that we would continue to learn the language more fluently so we can better share the Gospel with the kids and our neighbors.
School starts September 10th, Mihai and Levi need school pants, also financial provision for school supplies. We have decided to transfer Levi out of the sport school, and he will now be attending the same school as Chloe, please pray that he will adjust quickly and easily to a new teacher and all new students in his class. 
Please pray as we will start the process and paper work for our residency in September, and soon after that begin the adoption process for Mihai, please pray the Lord’s grace and favor upon us in this process, and that He would break down all walls and barriers that will make this process so long, and that all doors would be open for us to be able to adopt him
Prayer for the Gospel to be accepted in Pintic and that not just the children we minister to will be saved but their families as well. 
Thank You
Thank you so much to every one who comes along side the Lord’s ministry with us here in Romania. We are truly blessed and encouraged by your constant prayers and sacrificial giving. Thank you for all that you do. 

Serving together in Christ, 
Chris, Faith, Levi, Chloe, Mihai, Azaniah, and Jatham 

If you wish to help financially you may do so by sending a check to Calvary Chapel missions
123 Auto Dr.
Boise, ID 83709
 Made out to CCM be sure to put for Chris and Faith Anderson, or you may do so online here
by clicking donate online. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A picture from Chloe's year end Ballet Recital. She and all the girls did an amazing job. WELL DONE!

We changed our look!!

We are in the process of updating all of our information here. In a little while you will be able to add your email and get our updates right to your email address again. Keep checking in to see. I will send an email out as well.
Thank you for all your prayers and support.
Chris, Faith, and kids.