Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where did the summer go?
Was it not yesterday we celebrated the last day of school? Was it not just yesterday we said goodbye to part of our team as they left to visit the States?
Now it is September and most of the team members are back!!
Wow!!!  Not sure about the rest of you but ours flew by, and at times has felt like it never started, now it is September and in less than two weeks school will be starting for the kids. We had the priviledge of having a young lady, Allison stay with us a month in July, and help in the village and with our own kids. It was nice to have a date night out of the house once a week for 4 weeks. We also had the priviledge of visiting an orphanage about 2 hours away in Brosteni, Romania up in the mountains, and the director has invited us to come back in September. The girls Bible study retreat went wonderful and the whole family got to participate as we had it right here camping out in our own yard.

The church has been going well, and Chris will continue to preach a couple weeks after Brian returns to finish up the book of 1 John. Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will speak through him to the church. Please continue to pray for the Bible study as well in Pintic among the Roma there. Somedays it seems like we are really seeing progress while other times it seems like there is no fruit. The people really need Jesus so please please pray for them.

Please pray for our two boys as they will be transferring to the Christian, private school in town. Pray for it to be easy for them to meet new friends and for them to be diligent in school this year. Please pray for our family as a whole.

We took a family day to ride horses. The kids had a wonderful time riding and enjoying the outdoors.

We do hope to visit the states next summer so please pray for the Lord's provision in this area.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support.