Wednesday, March 25, 2015

From a one-handed cripple

The Bible study in The village of Pintic has grown and during the winter months we have moved the study across the street to another house with a larger room to allow for more people to be able to attend. We have finished studying through the Gospel of John and will be studying through the ten commandments. Every sunday is different with different people showing up with different motives. But no mater what their motive is for coming, they are able to hear God's word.

The last couple weeks here in Romania have been extremely busy, even for a one handed cripple... Yes, i said it... I have been a lefty for just over three weeks. While at a training conference in Vajta, Hungary I dislocated my right shoulder (playing basketball of all things,and so the downhill mountain biking here in Romania has been put on hold for a few more weeks (months if Faith and her mom has any say in it)).  
So I have had to learn to do a lot of things left handed or have help. During a guys conference in Alba Iulia I had to allow someone else to cut my fried chicken and pork (snitel) (for a guy to have another guy cut his food can be little humbling..). The theme of the conference was "the new guy" Growing more like Christ, and because i had planned on using a white board, i again had to have help from one of the guys to help write on the white board as I taught. And to top it off, i was not able to race go karts, or play paint ball! But despite all this it was a great time of fellowship, friendship, and growing together. I will do it again!!--a conference that is!! I like being right handed!!

no, not at the beach.. power of technology at work!

As of yesterday I was able to remove the sling and I have started physical therapy... I will be back to biking.... I mean normal soon!! This typing one handed is terrible, and trying to type two handed at weird angles is tough!!

some pics from theVillage

bible study at the after school program 

At the after school program we have finished studying the ten commandments, and are looking at who we are.. God created man and woman in His image... what does that mean?

In the Tuesday night foundations class we have been looking at the attributes of God, and learning that All of God's attributes work together. God is a God of love, and at the same time a God of wrath. A God of patience and mercy, but at the same time a Just God. thank you God for being all you are.

Some prayer requests:
Please continue to pray for provision for now and during our trip to the States (housing and vehicle while in the states)
Pray for the village ministry
Pray for my shoulder to be healed totally
Pray for the after school program
Pray for the church to grow spiritually, as a church family, and have an impact on our city.
Pray for the vision the Lord has begun to reveal to us that it would continue to be made clear and precise as we begin to plan.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
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