Thursday, October 1, 2020

Andersons in Romania update

We wanted to name Cup A Day Cafe, ALMS cafe, but that name wouldn’t work here in Romania when they went to do our business name, nor would Ambient Light. However, we know now it wouldn’t have gone over very well if they had googled translated ALMS, not realizing it was an acronym. Well, it would have showed up things related to the dead. That word in Romania is actually a practice they have here where they give alms to the dead, so yeah, the food for the dead at the cafe. LOL. We decided yes, thanks Lord, for closing that door. Well, back to Ambient Light, it is a photography term, and for those who might not know, we have two photographers in our family. Now, I, not being the photographer,  probably wont explain it better than they, but I understand this termonology to be the natural inviting glow that illuminates a room. The light house here in Mangalia has a very monumental role and historical value to the people. Our prayer is that God would use us to be a light for Him and point people to the Saviour. 

This is just the start of our series of emails. There will be more to come. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Thank you for being a vital part of our team. We praise God for each and everyone of you. 

Please do not forget Faith’s sister Beth is holding a fundraiser for us. She now has shirts and potholders for sale with our Cup A Day Logo.  One link is for the shirts, one link is for the potholders. All profits will go to support the work here in Romania, and help raise money to purchase the ministry house.

You may also send in a tax deductable donation to International Messengers using the link below or by sending in a check to International Messengers with the code ZAP

International Messengers

PO Box 618
Clear Lake, IA 50428

Just a reminder this is separate from our normal support. 

Thank you!

Serving together in Christ,

Chris, Faith, Levi, Chloe, Mihai, Azaniah, Lucian, Jatham, and Thaddaeus Anderson