Monday, June 30, 2014


Wow, it just seemed like yesterday we were putting away the Christmas tree and decorations. Where has the time gone?
Summer is here and summer plans have begun to take place.
Some of the things that have already taken place this spring.

We were able to help replace a roof of a family in a very poor village. Thank you to all those that helped with this project. We attended bible study here at this house throughout the winter.
As the weather has turned warm and beautiful we once again have moved outdoors under a tree.

English classes at the village school ended with pictures for each child in the class. they were able to decorate thier frames any way they wanted while eating some snacks and drinks.

Easter monday a team from the bible college in hungary came with us to the village. after a short teaching we gathered around the tv and watched the jesus film. many of the villagers came to watch. Some drifted in and out, but a good number stayed throughout the film. There were others that were listening to music quite loudly when we arrived, but as we wanted to start, one of the villagers went and asked them if they could turn down the music as were were having a bible study and then were going to watch a movie. for over three and a half hours of bible study and the movie they left the music at a low volume as to not distrub the teaching and the movie. What an encouragement as for a year ago, the music would have stayed on or gotten louder.

Easter monday we brought with us to the village a team from the hungary bible college. We shared a short bible study and watched the jesus film. as we arrived many of the people were listening to music quite loudly on thier sterio systems outside thier houses. When it was time to start one of the older men that came to the bible study went down and talked with each asking them to turn down the music as we were about to start. every single one of them turned down the music so that it would not interupt our bible study and film. for over three hours not one of them turned the music up. A year ago this most likely would not have happened. What an encouragement this was. The village children loved the attention they recieved from the team.

We attended a concert of bells put on by a team from the USA that came and ministered to the churches here in romania. The large Lutheran church in the center of the city was fortunate to have them play inside. Listening to A mighty fortress is our God by Martin Luther was amazing. And knowing that about the time Martin Luther penned this song, this exact church was being built. Encredible!

Be in prayer for us as summer is in full swing, kids camps, continueing the bible study in the village in the Gospel of John, and preaching through the book of 1john at church. Exciting times!!

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