Thursday, March 7, 2013

There is just so much to tell and so much that has been and will be happening. First we want to start off by telling  you about Damaris. Damaris is one of the girls in our girls Bible study that meets once a week on Fridays at our house. She is 17 years old and from the village outside of Bistrita, she is now born again and part of our spiritual family!!!!:):):) Jesus has saved her and because of this many of the other girls are asking lots more questions about Jesus and Him being a part of their lives.They are starting to realize their sin and confess it as well.  A couple weeks ago we had to cancel Bible study due to a doctors appointment that could only be made at that time, but the girls in the village really wanted me (Faith) to come to see them at their home. The village is a little bit of a drive and I was tired from the doctors appointment, and it was getting late, but I could hear the urgency in the girls voices so asked Chris what I should do. He said to take Chloe with me so I wouldn’t be driving alone and not too stay too late because the roads were icy there. I am so glad that I went, and am thankful for the Lord giving me strength to go. Damaris poured her heart out both to me and to the Lord Jesus, and I would have missed a very precious opportunity to minister in these young womens lives. Six of the girls were at the one house all waiting for me, and wanting to ask me all kinds of questions. I not only had a great night being able to share in this sweet girls salvation, but it planted seeds for the other girls, and taught me a very valuable lesson in my Christian walk, and to have Chloe a part of all this with me was such a great joy!! Please pray for Damaris and lift her up daily to the Lord.

Some exciting events:
In April my dad and stepmom will be coming with a small team from Jacksonville, NC. We will meet them as a family at the Bucharest Airport. We will then make our way to Calvary Chapel Bucharest as the team will be teaching Evangelism workshops through out Romania, and then going out onto the streets to share the gospel with the Romanian people. After Bucharest, we will be going to Brasov, to Ciorani, then to our city Bistrita, where we will also be going into the villages of Pintic and Slatinita during the week. We are excited for this opportunity, not only to take part in working with the Romanians on how to share the gospel in their own country, but to be able to get out in the streets and share on numerous occasions as well. And of course are very excited that part of the team is family!!!  Please please be in prayer for this time. It will be from April 5th to April 28th, pray for our children as we will be very busy and doing lots of traveling. Pray for the team, for every ones health, strength, and finances. Pray for all the traveling that will take place from one city to the next. And mostly pray for the hearts of those that we will be sharing the gospel with, that the Lord will prepare each of their hearts before we even speak with them, and pray for the Romanians that will be attending the evangelism workshops that they will see the need to share the gospel to those around them each and every day. 

And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

Prayer requests
Finances for gas, lodging and other travel expenses that will be needed during the time that the team is here. Prayer for the Romanian people and their salvation. 
Please pray for the children that Chris works with at the space: pray for their salvation, and for their family environments  which are really bad and abusive. 
Prayer for the adoption of Mihai. We are waiting to hear if we have been accepted for our residency which should be in April and then we can start the adoption process. Please pray for  wisdom of those at the DPC who do not know what they are doing or how to work our case. Please pray for open doors and a fast adoption case. Praise for the attorney willing to help us, and for all the doors the Lord has opened so far.