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Marcu 16:15
Apoi le -a zis: ,,Duceţi-vă în toată lumea, şi propovăduiţi Evanghelia la orice făptură. (Mark 16:15  And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.)

April 2013 started off with not only the kids' spring break, but the beginning of a trip around Romania with the ministry team from Two Percenters (

Calvary Chapel Bucuresti

Calvary Chapel Bucuresti
As a family we met the team at the Bucuresti airport before heading to Calvary Chapel Bucuresti. Our stay at Calvary Chapel Bucuresti, April 5-7, was a wonderful time of meeting old friends, meeting new friends, learning how to share the Gospel, and putting it to practice in the beautiful park right there within walking distance from the church. Sunday afternoon came all too fast as we packed the van for a three hour trip to Sacele, our next stop at Calvary Chapel Brasov.
Preparing to go


Sharing in the Park in Bucuresti

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Calvary Chapel Brasov

After a few hours we arrived in Sacele at the Fast Foundation where we not only had the workshop, but were able to stay while in Brasov. The workshop was held in the evenings and during the day we shared the Gospel in the center (of Basov) and at Poiana. 



sacele workshop

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Our next stop will be in a village between Brasov and Bucuresti. A beautiful drive through the mountains of Romania took us to the village of Ciorani.

In the village of Ciorani

on the way to Ciorani

traveling to ciorani
We arrived in Ciorani Thursday afternoon ready to settle in for the next few days before we head on once again. After relaxing and having a wonderful supper with the Quarles we discussed the plan for the next few days.
Friday began with a trip to the villages to bring everyone together for the workshop. Two vans, a car and three hours later we all arrived back to the Church. Friday night began the first session. After worship the children broke up into two groups. The older children learned what and why God gave us the Ten Commandments.
During one of the sessions a lady stood up, interrupted the workshop and not wanting to wait a second more gave her life to the Lord. 
Saturday after the session we went to another village to share. 
Sunday came almost too soon. 

After church and a wonderful meal we were once again on our way. But this time to Bistrita, our home town.


After seven hours in a squished van we arrived in Bistrita late in the evening. Tired and exhausted we unpacked and were able to rest. 
Monday came all too soon as we went to a village outside of Bistrita to take pictures and share with the school where Faith and a friend teaches English once a week. After sharing the Gospel we took pictures of all the students.
After the school we went up into the more poor part of the village and after sharing with those that came out we took pictures of the families and individuals. This gave us an oportunity to come back to the village to share again. The villagers have shown an interest starting a bible study and learning about the bible. they have asked that I return. One individual has expressed interest in learning to share. Seven years ago a team came promising big things for them and never returned. I promised them nothing but to come and share from God's word.

Another village, Slatinita, on the other side of Bistrita, is where many of the girls from Faith's Girls bible study are from. As well as photographing portraits, we were able to share the Gospel with many.
Through the photography God has opened doors where it would not have been opened without them.

Calvary Chapel Bistrita

Our final workshop was right here in Bistrita. Friday evening and Saturday followed by going out into the center and the large park to share the gospel ended our last workshop here in Romania. 

Alba Iulia

Sunday morning early we took half the team to the Cluj airport to send them off while the other half remained for another week to continue sharing the gospel and fellowship with us as they were family.
After dropping Kevin and Ivy at the airport, we met up with Nicu Hagiu and spent the day in Alba Iulia sharing the gospel. While near the fortress in Alba Iulia we shared with a man of sixty years old. After we got done sharing with him and two boys with him. He said that in sixty years, no one has ever stopped to share the gospel with him. 

After a wonderful, busy three weeks, last sunday the last of the team left Romania and headed home. 
Pray for the doors that have been opened to be fruitful and to continue to open doors . Thank you all for your prayers and support. May we continue each day to go and share the Good News with others that need to hear.

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