Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello from Romania! As September fast approaches and the cold weather blasts in- yes, blasts in- please be in prayer for all the kids, our own children and the New Beginnings Children.

The kids will be starting school soon, and Levi will be changing schools, please pray that he will adjust well to a new teacher and all new students in his class. Also pray that he would learn to be more diligent and learn how to serve the Lord and bring honor to Him even in his school work.

The paper work for our residency will begin next month, please pray for the Lord to open all doors, for everything to be approved, and for the finances needed to pay for all the paper work. 

Praise that the kids have been healthy most of the summer, and Jatham our youngest is now 4 months old and doing very well.

Faith's body did not heal completely like it should and she will need to have some abdominal surgery, we are asking the Lord for complete healing for her body so that she will not have to surgery.
Also pray as we are seeking the Lord's wisdom and guidance in many areas concerning ministry.

The school in Sibiu that Chris attended was a huge blessing and help for Chris as he continues to become more fluent in the Romanian language. Thank you for all your prayers and support to help him attend this class. Continue to be in prayer as we learn Romanian. 

Pray for the Bible study that Chris is leading. Many of the those attending have many questions about the Bible. Pray that through this Bible study those that have not been born again would be changed and be born again. Pray for wisdom as Chris leads and answers questions.