Tuesday, August 7, 2012

That they may know from the rising of the sun to its setting that there is none besides Me. I am the Lord, and there is no other; Isaiah 45:6

Dear Friends and Family,
We wanted to first thank each and every one of you for all of your prayers and support of the ministry here in Romania. We have been very busy this summer but having a great time. A team from Hungary came and did VBS with our kids, the family center kids, and the neighborhood kids. They also took some time to come with us to the village of Pintic and do a VBS with the children there. The kids in Pintic have now heard the gospel and they desire to know more about the Lord and His saving power. We have been going weekly to Pintic and in doing so bumped into the Orthodox priest who created some problems for us in the past, he seemed excited about what we were doing and had no problem with us being there working with the gypsy kids. This is a huge praise. Each week we go we have been able to do a Bible study with the children, teach them worship songs, and play with them. We have had some guys that live in Spain come here for the summer to help us, and Amanda, who I go with during the school year to teach English. 
Chris helped at the kids camp this summer and Levi was able to go with him as he was now old enough to attend. After returning from there Chris took off to language school. He has now returned, and after 2 weeks of intense Romanian he is tired, but feels a lot more confident in the language. Chris will be starting up a Bible study this week, doing a study of the Gospel of John. The people attending the Bible study are from the Bistrita area, but most of them are not Born again Christians. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to speak through Chris and that these young men would be Saved. 

We will continue to go to Pintic as a family and with our friends working with the children there for the rest of the summer, and also Amanda and I will be working with the girls in Slatinita. The Bible study Chris will be teaching will be meeting once a week on Thursday evenings. Please pray for all of these ministries to be led by the Holy Spirit and for salvation for the people we minister too.

Prayer request and needs
Prayer for our finances as our support has been very low the last couple of months.
Prayer that we would continue to learn the language more fluently so we can better share the Gospel with the kids and our neighbors.
School starts September 10th, Mihai and Levi need school pants, also financial provision for school supplies. We have decided to transfer Levi out of the sport school, and he will now be attending the same school as Chloe, please pray that he will adjust quickly and easily to a new teacher and all new students in his class. 
Please pray as we will start the process and paper work for our residency in September, and soon after that begin the adoption process for Mihai, please pray the Lord’s grace and favor upon us in this process, and that He would break down all walls and barriers that will make this process so long, and that all doors would be open for us to be able to adopt him
Prayer for the Gospel to be accepted in Pintic and that not just the children we minister to will be saved but their families as well. 
Thank You
Thank you so much to every one who comes along side the Lord’s ministry with us here in Romania. We are truly blessed and encouraged by your constant prayers and sacrificial giving. Thank you for all that you do. 

Serving together in Christ, 
Chris, Faith, Levi, Chloe, Mihai, Azaniah, and Jatham 

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